Michigan Steam Expo is pleased to bring you some pretty amazing entertainment on Sunday night, all included with your membership. First up will be a hard-rocking concert by Michigan’s own Wakerfire.

Arising from the ghostly hulks of several past Irish, Renaissance and other strange bands, Wakefire has come afloat. Building off the experience and hopes of our members, they have assembled something new, something different, something strange and exciting and they want to share it with you.

Spinning tales of danger, adventure and high-flying excitement, they are here to move you and to make you move. With their high energy, pounding rhythms and stacked harmonies, Wakefire will stir the salt water in your veins and have you dancing as they create a new musical experience not to be missed.

Wakefire takes several genres – Celtic Rock, Baroque Pop, Slavic Punk, Folk Rock, Americana – discombobulate, recombobulate, blend and sear on high for 30 seconds to spits out their own creation. Welcome to the Cabaret!


Opening for Wakefire is Tribal Spice Bellydance.

Hailing from Toledo, Ohio, Tribal Spice Bellydance is a proud member of the Aegela Centers for Middle Eastern Dance. Featuring vivacious and diverse bellydancers, we blend classic Middle Eastern and traditional tribal bellydance with world music and dance influences, a dollop of theatrics, a pinch of geekiness, and a whole lot of sass! 

Tribal Spice: The Sass Must Flow

The evening will conclude with a Steampunk Dance Party brought to you by the Steampunk DJ Extraordinaire, Dr. Toon.

Dr. Toon is a weapons-grade gramaphonist and DJ, specializing in music from the realms of steampunk, electroswing, dark cabaret, Americana and more. We all know and love him as one of the founders, along with Michael Wiggins, of the monthly Up in the Aether Steampunk dances at the Phoenix Cafe. He is also well-known for the Convocation Dance Raves. And he will be bringing all of that and more to us here at Michigan Steam Expo. Don’t forget your dancing shoes!