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This year especially we will need many people helping out in various ways and helping with small things around the convention. If you would be interested in helping us, and perhaps getting your entry fee reimbursed, please contact us. (  If you work 3 hours, you can have your membership compensated, however you must work in the areas we need assistance in at the time.

Tickets Are Non-Refundable

We do allow reselling of admission tickets, but we do request notification for our records when the sale has occurred. Please contact us through our contact page ( to let us know who the new ticket holder(s) is/are. The new ticket holder in return would need to give your name at Registration in order for us to release your ticket/badge to them, so please make sure you give the exact name registered if it is different than perhaps your Facebook name to avoid confusion at Registration. Any other ticket type to be resold is at the discretion of Michigan Steam Expo.

Weapons Policy

Since most fans brandish weapons of some kind or another that are usually created from Nerf guns etc we have a very open policy. If the weapon is in fact a toy you may keep it in the open. If the weapon is based on a real gun, blade or knife we ask that it is peace-bound to a holster or sheath on your person for safety. You may be asked to show your weapon if a security person is wondering if it is a toy or not. They are only doing their job so please remember no one wants an incident and we will respect you, but just make common sense decisions regarding weapons.

Full List of Official Michigan Steam Expo Policies

Policies shall be in effect for the duration of Michigan Steam Expo at all designated Michigan Steam Expo functions and locations. 

  1. VENUE, CITY, COUNTY, STATE, and FEDERAL POLICY and LAWS: Individuals are reminded that Michigan Steam Expo conforms and abides by all Venue, City, County, State, and Federal Policy and Laws. Due to insurance, liability, safety and by choice at the discretion of the Michigan Steam Expo Organization some Michigan Steam Expo policies may be further restrictive than those specified by the Venue, City, County, State, and Federal Policy and Laws.
  2. HARASSMENT & ALTERCATIONS: Any form of harassment or altercation, including but not limited to verbal or physical between guests, participants, or any staff member (event or hotel) will NOT be tolerated and will be subject to immediate resolution at the discretion of Michigan Steam Expo Security or designee therein. Any incidents involving a physical altercation will be immediately turned over to local law enforcement.
  3. WEAPONS: Individuals are prohibited from possessing functional firearms, explosives or items designated as weapons by Michigan Steam Expo. Any individual found in possession of a concealed weapon will be reported to local law enforcement and ejected from Michigan Steam Expo regardless of the individual’s conceal carry status or credentials.
  4. WEAPON LIKE PROPS: Weapon like props are to be at all times sheathed, holstered or slung, unloaded, inert or otherwise rendered nonfunctional and never used in a provoking, harassing or threatening manner. Carrying or transporting a weapon like prop outside, from or between venues is done at your own risk and should be preferably cased and/or transported inside a vehicle. Due to safety and legal concerns individuals with “deactivated” firearms, realistic looking or replica weapons, or any item otherwise designated or deemed unsafe regardless of whether it conforms to policy or the ‘letter of the law’ will be considered on a case by case basis. Any individual in violation of policy or found to be under the influence carrying a weapon like prop Michigan Steam Expo Security reserves the right to require the individual to comply with the above conditions, direct the guest to remove the item from the premises or Michigan Steam Expo Security may confiscate the item for the duration of Michigan Steam Expo. **If you are concerned that your weapon like prop may be viewed as a weapon or inadmissible please contact as soon as possible for a preliminary review based on the current policy. This preliminary review does not constitute actual approval during the event in case policy should change but should mitigate anything overly questionable. **
  5. CREDENTIALS: Any individual present may be asked to present valid credentials at any time:
    1) Required: Valid Convention Credentials (ticket, pass, badge, etc.) Lost Guest credentials can be replaced at registration for an additional cost. This is to assure access to only those that have purchased credentials or are otherwise attached to the event.
    2) Requested/Required: Valid State Issued I.D. or Driver’s License, Country Issued Passport, or School I.D. For administrative purposes in the event that persona, character or assumed name is not the legal name of the individual and in the cases were event content may be restricted by an age requirement (adult content 18+) or the purchase and consumption of alcoholic beverages (mandated by law 21+)
    3) Recommended/Required: Medical or Legal documentation, in the event of medical emergency or legal necessity to have on your person.
    4) Optional: Any other information that would assist Michigan Steam Expo Security or other authorities in the case of a situation or emergency such as accommodation information, in case of emergency contacts, etc. 
  1. ENSEMBLES: Michigan Steam Expo will never tell you exactly what to or not to wear as long as it is Steampunk inspired while attending our immersion event. Some events however, may have a dress code and will be posted accordingly for those events. When choosing your ensemble(s) and accessories please consider the age, sensibilities, and safety of your fellow guests as this is a family friendly event. During evening hours the family friendly atmosphere may be relaxed please keep in mind there is still a “time and place” for some ensembles and accessory choices. Ensembles or accessories that are out of “time or place”, which present a safety concern for are otherwise inadmissible, will be addressed at the discretion of Michigan Steam Expo. Michigan Steam Expo security reserves the right to work with the guest to comply with the above conditions, direct the guest to remove the safety or inadmissible concern or in extreme cases confiscate items that pose a safety concern for the duration of Michigan Steam Expo.
  2. USE OF ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES/SMOKING/DRINKING/: Individuals using illegal substances as defined by MI State or Federal Law of any kind will be immediately turned over to Local Law Enforcement. Individuals of legal age to smoke by law 18+ (as of date of event) may do so in designated smoking areas this includes all tobacco and any e-cigarette products. Individuals of legal age to drink by law 21+ (as of date of event) may do so in designated areas or your private room. Consuming alcoholic beverages from unsanctioned containers is not permitted anywhere on the premise in conjunction with hotel liquor law policy. Michigan Steam Expo asks that guests that drink do so in moderation and enjoy responsibly and do not overindulge to the point of incident. Individuals found to be over intoxicated or a danger to themselves or others may be subject to but not limited to:
    1) Being warned to reduce the rate of consumption of alcoholic beverages.
    2) Declined further service by event hotel servers or by the hosts of any private party.
    3) Alcoholic Beverages being confiscated and disposed of.
    4) Assisted to their accommodations for their safety.
    5) Referred to Local Authorities in excessive circumstances.
  3. SEXUAL ACTIVITY: Overt consensual sexual activity in public spaces will not be tolerated as this is a family friendly event. This does not restrict “Public Acts or Displays of Affection” Michigan Steam Expo asks that you keep in mind the age and sensibilities of your fellow guests, and that there can be a “time and place” for such acts. Non-consensual sexual activity will be immediately turned over to Local Law Enforcement.
  4. PROPERTY DAMAGE OR THEFT: Any property damage or theft will not be tolerated. Individuals will be immediately turned over to Local Law Enforcement.
  5. ISSUES NOT SPECIFICALLY COVERED: The following items are not specifically covered in the above policy outline. Michigan Steam Expo reserves the right to add, change or amend policy as necessary and is the final arbitrator on all issues.
    1) Litter: Please pick up after yourself as there are trash containers throughout the event.
    2) No Pets allowed.
    3) Regarding Service Animals: ADA 2010 Revised Requirements Service Animals.
    4) No tossing or throwing of any items in the public areas. This will result in immediate confiscation of your ticket/badge and ejection from the convention.
    5) No Laser Pointers of any kind will be allowed.
    6) No Mylar Balloons of any kind are allowed in public spaces.
    7) No remotely operated flying devices allowed in public spaces.